Monday, February 11, 2019

Roses are Red. . .

. . .Violets are blue, and I have a new look to share with you!  (that was lame but 👍)  Last Monday I did a pretty simple himekaji look for a date with Prince.

top - taobao
skirt - liz lisa
cardigan - debut (?)
socks - rue21
shoes - hot tomato
accessories - avon, forever 21 + offbrand
     I know when Prince thinks I look super cute, because the first thing he asks me is "wanna go to the mall?"  I find it adorable that he wants to show me off (m*´∀`)m.  I'm so happy he loves me in and out of Gal.

     I'm definitely finding that comfy - middle ground - everyday gyaru look I wanted.  I want my style to be effortless yet cute.  To get a look done under an hour and thirty minutes is my goal.  Whenever I spend two plus hours on makeup, hair and an outfit, it wears me out.  I feel tired after doing just that and won't feel like going out anymore.  So I'm happy to say with my dates with Prince, I'm coming into my own Gyaru style.

my eyebrows are in desperate need of attention lol
     After running the mall, Prince and I had lunch at Red Lobster.  I was enjoying myself so much that I didn't even take a picture of any food! lol  I usually always snap a food picture, but Prince and I kept snapping pictures of each other.
      I'm becoming more and more comfortable with smiling naturally in pictures.  Not just a subtle or fixed smile, a full grin!  (ps. that drink was amazinggg)
     I never got to share this with you guys but I attempted a yumekawaii look a while ago!
     I really wish I had a huge bear purse~  Ps. I am loving my new shoes!

     I hope everyone is smiling and enjoying life.  And in any case that you aren't, I hope that good things are coming to you!
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. You are such a beautiful princess! Omg I can’t stop smiling at these photos! You’re so happy and beautiful! You’re sparkling! I also love your yumekawaii look! Ahhhhhh you’re just adorable all the time!!!!! I love you!!!!

    1. (*/▽\*) gosh~ you're too sweet~~ I love you too!!! 💖 And I'm trying to do yumekawaii and yamikawaii looks more often because I really like it. I have some plans hehe~
      - Amiman♥