Wednesday, May 24, 2017

GC Day 5: What do you love + dislike about Gyaru?

Hi Cuties!
I finally have time to sit and write another entry
to the 30 day gyaru challenge.
"What do you love about Gyaru?"

What do I love about Gyaru?
I feel like I could ramble and jabber on for hours about everything I admire about Gyaru~
For starters I love that Gyaru can mean something different to each individual.
To express creativity, a lifestyle, to feel wild and free or beautiful, each reason is so intriguing to me!
"Being able to give my 100%."
"Being able to present my true self."
I feel like I can relate to these statements most.

Another reason why I love gyaru is because
there are sooo many substyles to fit just about any personality!
Rokku, Himegyaru, Kurogyaru, Amekaji, Banba, Bohemian, Ora Ora, Onee??
So many to pick from!
It's like:
You like pink and frilly things? Like heavy or light makeup?
Bright colors or more neutrals?
Flamboyant and flashy?
You into rocker / gothic style?  Playful and youthful?
Feel like a princess 24/7?  Or like the physical embodiment of 'grown and sexy'?
You can even mix styles to create your own!

The varying makeup styles fascinate me!
Isn't it so wonderful?!

"What do you dislike about Gyaru?"
There are only a few thinks that I dislike about Gyaru.
Most of my dislikes have to do with the community rather than the style itself.

I don't like how the style / lifestyle of Gyaru is easily misconstrued.
Many outside of the style see it as disgusting, too vulgar, "slutty" or "sleazy";
then again, not everyone feels
that way when initially exposed to Gyaru.
The next reason is becoming less of a problem actually, and I'm really happy about it.
When I first got into Gyaru, some of the people within the Gaijin Gyaru community were probably the biggest bullies.
໒( •́ ∧ •̀ )७

I remember it shocked me to come across "Gyaru Secrets".
Being naive I thought it was some sort of 'tips and advice' forum.
Boooy was I wrong.

I couldn't believe fellow gaijin gals were tearing other gals apart like that.
It was discouraging so I'm glad to see the harassing has quieted down over the years.

..this post seems long? lol 
As always, thank you for reading!

~Love you!! x Amiman~


  1. Omg I agree with everything! But I'm very grateful for all the gal friends I've made and how everyone helps each other. And Gyaru Secrets is pretty much dead. At least more so than Behind the Bows ^^;

    1. Good riddance to Gyaru Secrets lol I'm happy to have met/talked to the wonderful people of this community, like you~!
      -Amiman ♥