Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sparkling Fuchsia 💖 Makeup Look

Hello my Cuties~✩°。⋆

I'm happy to say the collab video has been filmed!
I won't be the one editing the video so I won't have control over when things will be done and posted.
However once I get the promo videos I will share them here, on instgram and on my youtube channel!
( ƅ°à¨‰°)ƅ
I am SO thrilled to show you the final product!

In the meantime I will share pictures from the filming!
The video is basically a "get ready with me" video
and a small interview about my love for makeup.

You can kinda see what I'm wearing in the picture above, but I want to shoot myself in the foot for not taking an outfit picture lol
Although you'll get to see it once the video is posted hehe
But here's the inspiration :
A sparkling fuchsia look~
side view 
Face: rimmel stay matte (primer) , la girl concealer "orange" + "chestnut", spicy dark "cocoa" (foundation) , e.l.f translucent powder, nyx matte spray , nyx eyebrow gel "black" , makeup revolution blush palette queen

Eyes: essence i ♥ stage (primer) , too faced "totally fetch" (lid) , nyx glitter "rose" , essence liquid liner

Lashes: eyemazing no. 4 (upper) , ebay (lower)

Lenses: Angel Color "chocolat"

Lips: nyx butter gloss "sugar cookie"

I finally got to crack open my new lenses and
A review shall come soon~ Hopefully this time I'll get to film it!
thank you for reading!!
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~


  1. Omg you are Killin it!!!! I have become such a fan girl for you 😄

    1. Aaaahhh i'm blushing hahah! (ง ´͈u`͈)ว you're so sweet!
      -Amiman ♥