Friday, December 23, 2016

(Lush)urious (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚

Hi guys, I'm here to talk your ear off again lol
╰( ⁰ ਊ ⁰ )
Did you get my play on words with the title? lol
I just wanted to share my recent gets and first experience at Lush with you~
The building is so cute~~ My friends Ave and Amina brought me to finally get to see the inside of lush! I was entirely too giddy when we walked in.  I could already smell these heavenly scents!  There were woven baskets to use for shopping baskets as you browse the shop.  As soon as I picked up the basket I was met with smiling faces from employees; the people are so nice there!  And I know it's like their job to do this but I still felt welcomed and super happy so of course I was happy to splurge in there.
 The bubble bars and bath bombs up in front of the shop!  So much to look at, right?
This is where most of the seasonal Christmas items were!  I wanted to buy Snow Angel and Father Christmas (it's Santa's head lmao)
 Twilight bath bomb: water will look like a pastel dream lol, smells like lavender! (it's so pretty such a shame I don't like the smell of lavender T_T)
Magical Wand: a bubble wand, makes the water pink and bubbly.  Smells like cotton candy!
* so blurry I know, it was before I wiped off my camera lol But the blurriness adds to the magical, dreamy feel of this bubble-wand, no?

It's not a big location but since there's a lot to look at, it took me a while to get to look at everything and find what I wanted.  I went in with a list formulated from online reviews and haul videos on youtube.  I suggest that you do that, it helps to have an idea of what you want so you won't be overwhelmed by the store.

But luckily two of the employees stopped me and asked if I needed any help or any questions.  Once I told them it was my first visit to Lush, they were just as excited as me and helped me with all of my questions!  They're very knowledgeable of their products and all that goes into them.  I was in search of something for my mother, a lotion, something that she can use despite her sensitive skin.  As we talked, they gave me suggestions and gave me a free sample of a lotion for her!
I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit~ In fact so much that I went back again!
☆゚.*・。゚. * ・ 。゚☆
Weeee~ I'm still so happy~
 • Butterbear bath bomb - smells like vanilla and has cocoa butter!
Cup o' Coffee - face and body mask/scrub, smells like the most delicious coffee!
Sympathy for the Skin sample - smells like vanilla and banana (the sample for my mom)
Tisty Tosty bath bomb - smells like rose and jasmine!

I haven't used the bathbombs yet but I can't wait!
 • Bohemian soap - smells fresh like lemons~
Buffy body butter - omg i can't get enough of this one! It has cocoa butter, shea butter, almonds, rice and beans to scrub away at your skin.  It smells so good but it's the softness afterwards that's my favorite part! No need for lotion after your shower it makes your skin insanely soft and moisturized.
The Magic of Christmas - a bubble wand, makes water orange, the concentrated smell on the wand is much softer in the water. Smells like cinnamon! Since it's a bubble wand you can use it multiple times, so I can't wait to use it again~
 I bought a new brush set! But haven't taken a picture so I got this one from the ebay listing I purchased them from. Brand is Jessup
☆゚.*・。゚. * ・ 。゚☆
Today Sarah and I were off from work and decided to hang out!
It was so much fun catching up!  I hate that work keeps us from spending time together ;;
☆゚.*・。゚. * ・ 。゚☆
Christmas is just around the corner! I'm so excited now ah I can't wait!
Although I'll be working Christmas night, I hope it's not too hectic and I can enjoy it.
I also want everyone else to enjoy their holidays, no matter what you celebrate! Have fun this week lovelies.
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~


  1. I love the Lush bath bombs, unfortunately my current apartment doesn't have a bath tub D:
    Your outfit looks fabolous! Happy Christmas to you too! ^_^

    1. Awwee no (。; n ;。), the soaps are nice too~ if it makes you feel better, one of the employees told me their "tooth tabs" are like a bathbomb for your mouth lol! Thank you for making me feel fab~~~ and a happy early new year to you!