Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kurogal look to kick off 2015!

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Hey, hey, hey!

Per usual I'm super late on things like this but
Happy New Year!
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I wanted to share my first gyaru look of the new year!
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remember that wine & black wig? I cut like half of the length..
I regret it

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In other news~
I'm awaiting a few packages! I just can't wait for my stuff from taobao to get here ;;
besides that, I'm just waiting for some cabochons from ebay and etsy
(πーπ)I have no patience...

I really hate it when you finish making a purchase and then you see a bunch of other stuff you want

*impromptu taobao wishlist*
(in purple)


(d.i.a. dress)

(in red)

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I really hope 2015 is a lot better than 2014 (-__-"
well that's all for now,
see you next post!
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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit! Those lenses as suit you well :D

    1. OH OH so much love!!~~ (´;Д;`) And thank you so much!!