Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bunch of coords & taobao haul!

Forgive meeee
I haven't posted in a month~~
I have a lot to share!

 photo tumblr_inline_n1h5k1hzyL1qk1or3_zpsebff0cfb.gif photo tumblr_inline_n1h5mnVWUP1qk1or3_zps5856f356.gif photo tumblr_inline_n1h5k7dvDq1qk1or3_zpseb4fb357.gif photo tumblr_inline_n1h5kjh2N71qk1or3_zps45f3daa5.gif photo tumblr_inline_n1h5nhJLI71qk1or3_zps76f4694f.gif

I should probably start with the week of Halloween~~~
♥Oct. 27♥
 photo chw_zps07f5cd49.jpg
 photo chw2_zps0976d3a5.jpg
(point! the horn clips & Halloween scrunchies)
I have ghosts in my hair!!

♥Oct. 28♥
 photo chw3_zpseebf527e.jpg
I was snapchatting my friend in class, but here's a picture of my new cherry hair clip!
 photo chw5_zps07ddfd01.jpg

♥Oct. 29♥
sailor seifuku
 photo chw6_zps17a5736d.jpg
 photo chw7_zps431410cf.jpg

♥Oct. 30♥
 photo chw8_zps62a88c6a.jpg
 photo tumblr_inline_mfsk2bWCWL1qid2nw_zps51072777.gif
 photo chw10_zps92e13dd0.jpg
I had to use my laptop as lighting  photo tumblr_inline_mzmxtjtWeX1qid2nw_zps26a2fe1d.gif

 photo coordhalloween2_zpscad174d8.png
 photo tumblr_inline_mfsk2bWCWL1qid2nw_zps51072777.gif
 photo coordhalloween4_zps82b2e1ad.jpg
I had sooo much fun on Halloween! Nhu, Gabby and I went out to eat at East of Italy and handed out candy on campus!


 photo cagejo_zps36946a53.jpg
 photo tumblr_inline_mfsk2bWCWL1qid2nw_zps51072777.gif
 photo cagejo3_zps1208e669.jpg

 photo cagejo6_zps1412183f.jpg

One Spo inspired 
 photo cbarb_zpse1a88552.jpg
 photo cbarb3_zpse8f32540.jpg

 photo conee_zpse7b70007.jpg

 photo chimekaji_zps6139006d.jpg

 photo conee3_zps830793a9.jpg

 photo ckogal_zps1319113d.jpg

I also went to a wedding last moth!
This is what I wore~
 photo ccasual3_zpsc1d310b6.jpg

Phew! That took a lot to type~
Since my last post I've made about 2 more taobao purchases! So here's my taobao haul!!!

 photo blkgal11-1_zpsa06f0e4f.gif
 photo haul1_zpse29f1462.jpg
 photo haul6_zpsbf920c54.jpg
 photo haul5_zpsf900679b.jpg
I bought all of this from the same shop so they threw in a free gift!
 photo haul7_zps23cd0cb8.jpg
a cherry hair clip!
 photo haul8_zpsdf2239dd.jpg
 photo haul9_zpsef94b611.jpg
 photo haul10_zpsca6d3924.jpg
 photo haul20_zps527c964a.jpg
I bought perfume cases for me, my mom and my sister
 photo haul14_zpsc464909f.jpg
I finally got one of  those cases with the falling/moving glitter!
 photo haul15_zps3f8dd2be.jpg
 photo haul12_zps719d957d.jpg
 photo haul19_zps32311e71.jpg
 photo haul17_zps43b1020d.jpg
 photo haul18_zps51c131c7.jpg
look at the kitty~~~
Also random gets!
 photo gets_zps1733c2e0.jpg
 photo gets2_zpsb001bbd0.jpg

I promise I won't wait this long to make my next post! 
Time to sleep~
(I have work at 8 am)
 photo blkgal30_zpsdd46ab1e.gif


  1. I love your kogal coords <3 And those phone cases are all so stylish ~