Monday, May 12, 2014

Agejo coord & Make!~

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I am finally free from school
finals are overrrrr and now I'm just waiting for my grades to be posted
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(I'm impatient)

So! In celebration of the spring semester being finished
I felt a little inspired to do makeup!
so naturally a coordinate followed

 photo tumblr_lx6zbh3NZh1ql6slc_zps63abfca7.gif photo tumblr_lx6zchzfLa1ql6slc_zps74a99bf7.gif photo tumblr_lx6zbkLp0l1ql6slc_zps7d64db9e.gif photo tumblr_lx6zbnErSq1ql6slc_zps06006c29.gif photo tumblr_lx6zl6lftJ1ql6slc_zps7478452a.gif
сμtё agejoღ♡(˘ᵋ ˘ )
 photo 0512coord_zpsdb08bd09.jpg photo 0512coord2_zpsed81d1dd.jpg
 photo 0512coord3_zps0991c1f7.jpg

 photo tumblr_inline_mfsk48YB8w1qid2nw_zpscfe703bb.gif
(this was before I got dressed so excuse the lighting and the pjs)
 photo 0512make_zpsd648000d.jpg
 photo 0512make2_zps55e39d87.jpg
 photo 0512make3_zpsc8d9942e.jpg
close up
 photo 0512make4_zps6c0e68cd.jpg

 photo tumblr_inline_mgmxb7R9O21qid2nw_zps2f59f6b4.gif
weird gifs I made
 photo IMG_1013_zps95637de0.gif photo IMG_1012_zps819876d8.gif

Since I'm out for summer now I hope to post a lot more!!
See you next post!
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