Monday, April 21, 2014

Himekaji Easter Bunny! (& bgyaru coord!)

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sweet bunnies, how was your Easter?
bunny pixel photo: cute bunny tumblr_marv7vTPTk1rxsw83.gif
I had fun with my family!
We went out for snowballs and crawfish
(don't eat sweets and seafood at the same time!!)

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 photo eastercoord_zpsc41b2ec5.jpg
 photo eastercoord2_zps6fd5e4cd.jpg
 photo eastercoord3_zps629adc2c.jpg
 photo eastercoord4_zpsc2b2c982.jpg

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"lemme take a selfie~"
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annnnnd Today!
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 photo 0421_zps6488f3e0.jpg photo 0421-2_zpse7d9d45a.jpg
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 photo 0421-5_zps5cffcaf9.jpg
bling bling~

That's all I have to share for now!
Hmm I think my next post may be my list of items I'm preparing to order from taobao for the summer!
(trying to save money during the summer~~!)
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