Friday, February 21, 2014

Coords of the week!! (Pic Heavy)

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How are you guys??
Is it warming up where you live? For a day or two it got pretty warm here!
Anywho I have quite a lot of pictures to show you
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it was actually quite too warm for this leather jacket
but I didn't bother to change it
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I was attempting to take a picture of my hat/accessories, then my mom called me before the camera snapped
 photo DSCN1076_zpsf6e6b398.jpg
but I actually like the picture lol
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I tried out my new lenses and lashes!
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These are the Geo Ash Wing!
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 photo DSCN1118_zps1c4d583b.jpg
 photo 14e556b7-bc3a-474d-852b-dd1436f3b534_zps0d947e32.jpg
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The first picture is how I wore it to school,
I took the second picture when I thought
"this would look so cool with more accessories!"
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Mori Gyaru
Probably my favorite coord of the week!
 photo DSCN1266_zps34cfa5c8.jpg photo DSCN1268_zps294bedde.jpg
 photo DSCN1276_zps9091a0d7.jpg
but I couldn't pick which jacket looked best....
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 photo DSCN1279_zps44a15100.jpg
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I feel like a princess when I wear these~
 photo DSCN1163_zps51a6a714.jpg
smells so good!
I got it from Charming Charlie!
 photo DSCN1142_zps975f814d.jpg
my Aquarius ring!
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Anndd finally today I met up with some friends I haven't seen in soooo long!
We decided to go out for lunch!
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We went to "Yummy Sushi & Hibachi"!
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 photo tumblr_inline_mssfe46f3G1qz4rgp_zps2eed24d2.gif photo tumblr_inline_mssfg5nFPo1qz4rgp_zps41bba8e8.gif
I had so much fun catching up with them
auggg I miss them (ಥ⌣ಥ)
Well I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
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