Friday, July 12, 2013

Trying to pick things back up

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Hey guys~
just letting you know i'm not dead or anything
Just lacking inspiration lately
(partly because I can barely step foot outside my house anymore
it's friggin hurricane season in New Orleans so everyday I wake up to rain, lightning, thunder & flood warnings on my tv ugggh)
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hate the rain with a passion
I plan to get back on track & actually do something!
well anything that doesn't require me to
spend money
running kinda low on that right now
the struggle is real ok? lol
Here's a few things I've been looking at to get me inspired
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agejo/ma*rs coord photo tumblr_mjfikhMGiT1rxqtvfo1_500_zps82f5a3bb.jpg
two toned/gal make photo tumblr_mewdf0Ge4D1s02yixo1_500_zpsed5f89e2.jpg
sujimori two toned photo tumblr_m63b75JvRR1qfyllbo1_500_zps874a9646.jpg
risa-8 photo tumblr_lze4i6WTUM1qjqqibo1_500_zps1fb0cf11.jpg
risa-9 photo tumblr_lzi9rzM07r1qjqqibo1_500_zpsc2aff293.jpg
risa-7 photo tumblr_lza9yyL0Ff1qjqqibo1_500_zpsb8ac58b9.jpg
risa-6 photo tumblr_lz5cm8rM6r1qjqqibo1_500_zpsd8d779f5.jpg
risa-5 photo tumblr_lz4oofgCkx1qjqqibo1_500_zps327fbccf.jpg
gaijin gals photo 2q08v1e_zps6018504e.jpg
risa-4 photo tumblr_lyxwrqqTJu1qjqqibo1_500_zpsda7f6352.jpg
risa-1 photo tumblr_lyq6z5oxCd1qjqqibo1_500_zps543ed8c1.jpg
risa-2 photo tumblr_lyx7ff9IGi1qjqqibo1_500_zps99b05bce.jpg
risa-3 photo tumblr_lyx7h7bdsY1qjqqibo1_500_zps5d5643ee.jpg
agejo/rokku coord photo tumblr_lf37xzvm3y1qejoiho1_500_zpsc1adbbd4.jpg
purikura kurogals photo tumblr_mpopk9Xhox1rskikco1_500_zpsbd025649-1.jpg
gaijin gal coord rii photo tumblr_mpmm24N0vj1rv1u2no1_500_zpse1fb90f0-1.jpg
gyaru make/lashes/lenses photo tumblr_mp60n1dmEf1qfmj62o1_500_zps8f745108-1.jpg
mipochi sujimori photo tumblr_m281ddDYg61qd3w72o1_500_zps8f2fd5b0-1.jpg
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Well that's all for right now
I'm feeling a bit more inspired now
hopefully it turns into something productive !!
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