Friday, July 26, 2013

Rokku, Go!

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Rokkugo~ Rokkugo~!!
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get it? get it!.. no one got tht pun lol
buuuuuuut that's ok d=(´▽`)
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I'm feeling creatiiiiive guys
and Rokku style is taking over my heart agaiiinnnn~
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I'm sure you guys have seen many tops like these
 photo chineserokkutumblr_mq57r41NoH1sxzjaxo1_500_zpsa9a98648.jpg
 photo diytop_zps058ba7fe.png
 photo diytop2_zps314f4a8d.png
the one's with the X cross straps or the tops with the gold chains & crosses from brands like d.i.a, lip service or skinny lip
Well I figured it can't be too hard to renovate a shirt or two to look similar to these
so I'll try that out soon
(adds to to do list)
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other things added to the list are:
♥ diy thigh garters!
♥ diy platforms / flatforms
 Both things ( I feel ) will really add to my Rokku coords!

Here's a few examples I'll be using for the garters:
 photo garters_zpsc908baf6.jpg
 photo garters2_zps23ab5c02.jpg
 photo garters3_zps3f7d4d16.jpg
(it is a dream of mine to have garters like Creepyyeha)

and a really awesome video for inspiration from the lovely gal Glee~~~~

pink heart photo: pink heart pink-heart.jpg
As for the platforms / flatforms
they are way too expensive for me to buy sooo
I'll be making my own someday!
Here are a few pictures of others' diy platform sneakers
and a few pictures of the expensive ones I can only dream to own one day!
 photo platform10_zpsc23cf572.png
 photo platform11_zps341df885.png
 photo platform3_zps4bfafe99.png
↑ a diy ↑
 photo platform9_zps60095c36.png
 photo platform4_zps50501aee.png
↑ a diy ↑
 photo platform8_zps19af3ed1.png
 photo platform5_zps50b9025b.jpg
↑ a diy ↑
 photo platform7_zps4168c268.png
 photo platform6_zpsec1e73fd.png
↑ a diy I believe ↑
 photo platform1_zps820aed16.jpg
↑ a diy I believe ↑

I'm so excited to give this a tryyyyy!!!
pink heart photo: pink heart pink-heart.jpg
On a slightly relevant note
I did make a tank top the other day  (☆^O^☆)
 photo diytop3_zps35cb7a9e.png
 photo diytop4_zps54af57d2.png
secret crappy pentagram on the back lmfao
It looks kind of plain now but
it'll look all snazzy once it's put to use in a coordinate
 ̄ー ̄)
wellllllllll that's all for now guys!
oh btw!!
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(I appreciate and love you all thanks for putting up with my mediocrity  。゚(TヮT)゚。)
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