Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Highs and Lows

Photobucket Meeehhh...

Today was so "wishy-washy"...It started off ok I guess.  Took a math test, my outfit stayed intact, ran into a few old friends and then.......I broke my effin' heel...
HOW??/!! WHY?!...I had to call my mom to pick me up from school because there was no way I was taking buses home & walking. lol no way! I could tell my mom wanted to laugh at me but she didn't..all she said was "well you're gonna have to trash 'em." All I could say was "noooooo oh gawd waeee???" Photobucket ...*sigh* dramatic-ness set aside, after that the rest of the day went well :3  Bought some makeup, finished hw early and RAW was 3 hours long ;D awww yyeeaaa~Photobucket

Today was mostly inspired by a look I saw when searching through the Ma*rs tag ^^
Photobucket That and the fact that most of their clothes have bows on them; so I made my own cheetah bows on the pockets!! :D (just realizing I forgot my chain belt..)
I did my nails again ^^ I really like them :]

Well I'm off to sleep even though I'm not tired...

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