Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Word on the J-Street | Gal Going Dark?

     Hi Cuties!  I feel like I've been losing sight of what I wanted for this blog.  I said I didn't want it to just be a log of my looks and makeup.  I wanted my blog to be informational, and inspirational as well.  I want it to be a fun read!  And I seem to have fallen back into routine so I'm here to break that up a bit with this post.

     I noticed something changing a week or so back and thought it would be cool to write about.  That change being a sort of trend within Gyaru.  When I first got into Gyaru fashion there was a certain look.  I remember back then majority of the "it" girls had flouncy, wavy blonde hair; strawberry blonde, orange-y blonde, dirty blonde.  Point is blonde hair was IN.

     Recently, I took notice of an adaptation to the gal look.  Darker hair has become more prevalent.  More hair colors are also seems to becoming the norm.  Gals are straying away from the typical blonde hair color.  I think what struck me most was when I took note of the more iconic and memorable Gal models that took on darker hair color.

- Reipom

- Izumi Mana

- Harutamu

- Ayaka Ishiyama

 - Kirei

- Machirin
     I thought hell froze over when I saw Izumi rocking black hair!  I don't think she's strayed away from her known blonde tresses since her early days on the scene with brown hair.  So what do you think of this trend?  Would you agree and say the hand-in-hand combination of Gyaru and blonde hair is sort of over?  
~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. <3!
    I think it's cool that Gyaru are looking to do all sorts of styles even with their original hair colors. Being one that was born with dark brown hair, it's nice but I feel more me with lighter hair.

    1. I wish I could dye my hairrrr~ ( TT___TT) lol I love your hair both ways tbh!

      - Amiman♥