Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Sun's out, Gals come out (and I'm still hibernating)

     wub wub wub~  I've been so unmotivated and yet inspired somehow.  You can tell by my recent spending on makeup and clothing that I'm just itching to do something.  Hopefully this week I will actually get dressed up.  I'm really hoping to film or at least create a makeup look soon.

     Maybe if I share what's inspiring me, it'll get me to act on my ideas and plans?
     As of late I've been going out with friends and my sweet prince.  I've eaten a hella lot and shopped too |*´ェ`ノ|ノ  This past Saturday was date day with Prince ♥
     We shared the cocktail, it's called The Geisha (which is also the name of the restaurant)!
     Yeaaa~ yea that's another beret I them, sue me lol.  But really I love them and I think they'd be a really cute addition to Larme looks.
      ELF's Mad for Matte eyeshadow palette!  It's got an interesting range of shades I can't wait to tap into the orange- which I'm realizing looks red in this photo.  Hmm.  I also picked up a nude eyeliner from Essence.  A nude waterline is a look I've wanted to try for a while.  If all goes well I'm definitely getting a red eyeliner!
I love my new bag~!
     This top blends in with my bed too much lol.  But I found yet another see-through black top, this time full lace, for my Larme coordinates.  I need more skirts ;; and fuzzy heels would be lovely too.
     I hope you guys are keeping cool in the summer heat!  Summer has brought out all the Gals (and I'm still hibernating huhu ;;) I promise next post will be an actual update lol
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. I love inspo posts. They can be very helpful. And I'm loving that lace top <3

    1. That makes me happy~ I love inspo posts too! and I can't wait for it to not feel like 99 degrees outside so I can actually wear the lace top ;; lmao
      - Amiman♥