Thursday, November 30, 2017

Himekaji look♥[ + visiting St. Roch Market & Freezy St.!]

Hello my cuties~
Last week I got to catch up with my friend Kelsey
beret - off brand
top - forever 21
dress - forever 21
socks - rue 21
shoes - hot tomato
accessories - lv, betsey johnson, off brand
Closeup~ I finally got to use Diamond Lash charming eye!

Kelsey has told me many times about some cool and fun
spots I'd enjoy.  We finally had some downtime to spend
together, so she suggested checking out the St. Roch Market!
Even though I didn't know where I was going, it was a nice
drive down St. Claude Ave~  I was just so eager to see her and
experience all this tasty food she told me about.

~Crawfish Poutine~
 ~Crawfish Empanada~
The St. Roch Market had so many good places to eat!
I really had a hard time choosing lol (that only means
there will definitely be more trips in the future).  Kels got
the ratatouille empanada!

After talking and eating for a while, she mentioned
Freezy Street was nearby.  I'm so happy I got to experience
both that day!!  Freezy Street is our local "rolled ice cream"
parlor.  Not only do they do ice cream, but snowballs too!
The reason I've been dying to try this place is because they can
make their ice cream vegan; so no dairy, no pain!
cuz i'm friggin lactose intolerant
I chose strawberry cheesecake flavor, and topped it with condensed
milk, strawberries, graham crackers and teddy grahams.
Super yummy!
Lately I've been making it a point to visit places I've never been.
Especially food places!  I think my next mission is to try a few
bakeries and coffee shops.  I feel like it's funny how I haven't
heard or experienced certain things in my own hometown.
So I want to explore more, eventually it'll push me to branch
outside of Louisiana.
Are there any stores, cafes, museums or likewise places
in your city that you really want to visit?
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. You look so adorbs!!!!💕
    Oh no!!! I could never imagine being lactose intolerant Dx I love milk products too much :( but I'm glad you could find a place like this!!!
    Supposedly we have a LINE store in Manhattan that I have yet to visit. I'm hoping to go soon so I can blog about it xD

    1. Thank you!! ~(^з^)-♡ Omg a LINE store! I wonder what they'd sell in there hmmm I think huge plushies would be there. Imagine a huge Brown bear ;__; so cute!
      And lmaoo it's a tough life since i love ice cream and things like cheesecake xD
      - Amiman♥