Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What's inspiring me: Coords 👗

Hello cuties~
I thought I would start filming today but I didn't,
I'm trying not to feel too down about it.
How do y'all get back into the swing of things
after being inactive?
Today was the first cool day we've had in months!
Even though I know this cool front won't last long,
it got me thinking about creating coordinates.
These styles and coords have been inspiring me!

Kuro / Ora Ora
Larme / Onee / Himekaji


Spank! / Cult party kei

I'm currently regretting not getting that vintage robe
/ dress thingy I saw in the thrift store lol
I can't wait for fall and winter! I'm going to buy
so many sweaters lmao

Hope y'all are happy and healthy
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~


  1. I'm so used to being inactive at so many different times, I just get up one morning and say hey, I should post today xD Like I dunno, sometimes bursts of inspiration or need to write just happen to me. Or having a bunch of drafts to choose from sometimes helps get you back on your feet!
    And omg these outfits are fall/winter goals!!! I wanna try some of them!

    1. I think the drafts idea is good, I'm going to try that more often! Drafts have been saving me lately. And omg yesss I'm just itching for fall to come so I can dress up lol
      - Amiman♥