Monday, November 14, 2016

ღ Favorite Fall Fashion Trends! ღ

Hello, hello~
I've mentioned a few times that the weather is starting to cool down here in New Orleans.  But finally, finally it's really feeling like Fall! I think we've moved past that point where we'll have random days reaching 80° lol

So with the weather change, at last, I can break out my Fall items ~ From head to toe, let's look at my favorite trends!

Hats ღ
Yees, yes hats~ Whether they be wool, wide brim, floppy or berets. I love them all~ I feel like hats are the whipped cream on top of any dessert, they just make everything better! lol
*Izumi mana ~
*Satomin ~ღ
Outerwear ღ
Coats and jackets oh my~ I love that there's so many choices and different ways to style them.

The trend I love seeing the most is "coat-dresses".  Those coordinates where the coat is the main point and basically acts as a dress.  Idk I just love this look~
 *bonus : look at those boots aaahh
*the forever stylish Sakurina rocks the coat-dress style often
Leather jackets are always a nice trendy piece to have in your closet. 

Fur coats and coats with fur cuffs or collars, for the days you want to feel fabulous and fancy~ 
 *Aina ღ
*bonus : loooove this added with the hat
Blouse ღ
One of my favorite trend with blouses are "neck ties"! I'm not sure how else to call it lol but I adore it ~ It instantly makes any collared blouse super cute!  Definitely something I look forward to in every Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge autumn collection.  Forever21 has lots of neck-tie blouses and I'm always so tempted to buy them ALL

 *Tsubasa so cute ~
Overalls / Suspenders ღ
Who doesn't love a good suspender skirt or dress? It's probably my top favorite aspect of Liz Liza's autumn items (even above neck-tie blouses!) But I feel like i've showed so many of those in my "Fall inspo" posts, so I'll show different sub styles this time.
 *I always love Aina's coordinates in egg mag.
Boots ღ
Let's be honest, boots are the star of the Fall season!
 *Yumachi bringing it with the pink boots 
 *Shizuka muto forever stylish, I want to dress like her and Sakurina all the time when i'm older
Houndstooth ღ
 I tend to see this print in the fall and winter the most. Houndstooth = instaglam ~
 *Maipoo ~
*Anzulu! She makes me want to buy a houndstooth set
Coordinates ღ
Some coordinates that incorporate my favorite trends!
 * coat-dress and beret
 * beret, fur accented coat, boots
 * floppy hat, fur accented coat, boots
 * floppy hat, fur coat, boots
 * fur hat! and boots
 * fur coat / coat-dress and boots
 * floppy hat, houndstooth, boots
 * floppy hat and boots
 * floppy hat, coat-dress, boots
 * wide brim hat and boots
 * beret, (didn't mention it but boooy do i love sweaterdresses), boots
* beret, neck-tie blouse, suspenders, boots!
My favorite outfit of all! Just top it off with a fur-accented coat and it'll be the ultimate Fall coordinate for me ~ lol
o((◕ฺ∀ ◕✿ฺ))o
I can't wait to dress up and include all these trendy items~
What are your favorite Fall trends?
~ Love you!! x amiman ~


  1. This post is what I want my life to be! Especially with the boots! They are my weakness. I love all your inspo! And FYI the blouse is called a pussycat bow blouse :)

    1. Omg, right?! I want to like live in these clothes lol but the south won't allow it with it's fluctuating temperatures ;; And oh wow it actually has a name? Thanks for telling me! ^^