Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!! (coord & makeup)

Hello~~~ And happy holidays!
I hope everyone's enjoying their time off from school and work!

Just wanted to share my makeup and coordinate (and gifts!) from today~

 photo tumblr_inline_mrj7bjYEwz1qz4rgp_zpsdecde8bd.gif
 photo IMG_4061_zps93c0d928.jpg
I wore my new velvet dress! I love it, though I don't think it really suits the belt/ kurogal style
and little did I know, I'd find this jacket under the christmas tree, so I decided to try it on!
 photo IMG_4097_zps43472d6a.jpg
there's no such thing as too much zebra print..

 photo tumblr_inline_mrj7bismMY1qz4rgp_zps34302bd3.gif
 photo xmas_zps4k1n7ujl.gif
close up~
 photo IMG_4069_zps0ae15d93.jpg
still loving my Select Fairy Mode Brown lenses!

 photo tumblr_inline_muvc41ZZVa1qid2nw_zpsf8a005a2.gif
 photo IMG_4067_zps86c34ffd.jpg
 photo IMG_4068_zps0f6a2846.jpg

 photo IMG_4038_zps33d21430.jpg
• Cm Punk figurine
• zebra hoodie (it's soft as hell omg)
• Hello Kitty earmuffs
• Lady Gaga Fame perfume set (b/c I ran out ;;)
• tablet (that we have to return b/c the charger came broken ;_;)
• lots of glove/hat/scarf sets
• victoria's secret socks
• 2 sweaters / and 2 shirts
• Ulta makeup kit
• coldstone creamery gift card
and candy lol

I used my new makeup kit for today's look!
 photo IMG_4103_zps91133b4c.jpg

also, I made a red velvet cake!
 photo IMG_4071_zpse531a5e1.jpg

I hope you guys got great gifts and enjoyed your holidays!~~♥

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