Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My favorite Gals!! Inspiration time! (hair, make & coords)

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Hey, hey, hey guys~
I've been busy at the computer for a few days as you can tell!
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I gave the blog a whole new look~~~
Liiiiike it?? ( ^Д^)ノ
**the header was pretty fun to make**
There's an actual purpose to this post other than the blog changes..
I wanted to do a post on all the Gals I find most inspiring !!
From their makeup styles, their coordinates or their personalities~~
Consider this a inspiration post for trying new looks/styles!
Leeeeet's Gooooo~!
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my favorite gal is Manami Suzuki (aka Manya)♥
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She has changed her look maaaaany times but each time is a hit! I seriously love her look, she doesn't seem to stick to one style as well, which I like about her..
her selfies are to die for, her makeup style can be simple at times!
but always flawless~~~(人´∀`*)
She's pretty playful especially with Yun!
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i love their friendship omg otp~
Speaking of Yun..
She is my second favorite Gal!
She and Manya are both models for egg magazine
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What I love the most about Yun is her smile!!~
I hope she never changes/corrects it...I looove her makeup style
it's always dramatic with tons of lash power!!! lol
I always love her nails & her hair is killer! I adore two toned hair and it looks amazing on Yun!
Her coords are also something I love about her, she's seems to prefer d.i.a. a lot
Mipochi is known for ora ora style and is a model in Soul Sister magazine!
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I love how Mipochi is such a tough gal which is fitting for ora ora
yet she can come off as sweet *・ω・
I love her appearance of tattoos and piercings!
Speaking of tough Gals, a gal I've recently become obsessed with is
(she hangs with mipochi too!)
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I adore her soooo much!! She has this b-gal look to her in my opinion
I love her tattoos and piercing
I always love her makeup and I wish I had her hair color!!
She's often seen with my next Gal~~~
 photo mayumi_zpse16b11e1.jpg
...Izumi Mana!!
 photo izumi_zpsa28c8d96.gif
 photo izumi5_zps1e80e86a.jpg
 photo izumi3_zps85619b9a.jpg
 photo izumi4_zpsc4237764.jpg
 photo izumi2_zpse442ad28.jpg
((my favorite picture of her~~~~))
Yes my dears Izumi, an AV (adult video) Gal
Her makeup is always gooooorgeous!!!
Her skin is flawless and I love her smile so much!~
I look to her for makeup looks mostly
She can be seen with my other favorite av gal, Serina!
 photo izurina_zpsba9d33ed.png
What ever name you choose to call her,
Serina....Cocona....Mami (she changes her screen name alot)
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I love her!  Known for her signature duck face or peaking tongue, her tanned skin, long nails, and bold makeup.....many may find her obnoxious
She is another gal I look to for makeup as well
although I've never tried Cocona's extreme style yet,
it is my favorite makeup style among all Gals (*´▽`*)
next is Yumachi!
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 photo yumachi3_zps99f44962.jpg
 photo yumachi2_zpsd3d2bc1c.png
 photo yumachi_zps1515f631.png
 photo yumachi5_zpsceeceeb3.png
 photo yumachi6_zps3afa281e.png
 photo yumachi7_zps5e51e25d.png
I always love love loooove her coordinates!!
Egg magazine loves to capture her out 'n' about!
her hair is forever ah-may-zing!!
She's also a part of a pop-duo with her friend Aina
 photo tumblr_llit8aO7l11qbb006o1_500_zpse1261bd7.gif
she's a goofy spazz lmao
and last but not least,
the coordinate queen!!!
 photo risa_zpsb1826ab4.png
 photo risa2_zps5e14a5e3.png
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 photo risa7_zps0a180383.png
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 photo risa9_zps7c049a52.png
 photo risa10_zpsde9423fc.png
How amazing is she???
I wish I could have her closet! She's definitely a big inspiration for coords!
Well! That's all I have today
I hope you enjoyed!
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