Friday, May 25, 2012

Doing It Casual-Style!

Lolita tends to be a REALLY expensive hobby :'(
So....What I do is look for Loli-able finds to feed my habit! :D
It can be anything from a dress to a cute headdress or even shoes.
Here's some of my best finds (I'll wear them eventually xD) ------>

The dress comes from Rue 21 (Pssst! It was on sale x3). It can be used for a casual Sweet Lolita look. I paired it with a cute lace-trim bow that I brought from Etsy and a nice sweater that I found from JC Penny (Or was it Dilliards???). I got the shoes out of my aunt's closet xD

The key is to be creative. Anything that looks like it could pass for the Lolita-style that you do, swipe that thing quick. Good stores to look in are Rue 21 and Forever 21. Those are the places that you'll probably frequent the most.

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