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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Scoring Dream Items | recent gets!

Hello Cuties~
     Not sure if you guys have noticed but Blogger was down for a while(?)  A question mark remains there because I'm unsure of what actually happened.  My last post was a test post but for a few days, I was unable to upload any images to my blog posts.  Aside from that, my AIG header and background were replaced with error images.  I thought it was my browser or laptop but with every update and restart, the issues reappeared.  BUT whatever it was is now fixed and I'm happy to be able to post again!
     I blame no one but myself for my recent spending habits!  Surprisingly no makeup has been purchased (but oh I've had my eye on quite a few items lately~).  I wanted to share with you a few new additions to my wardrobe!
* ps. I actually did just buy a new bikini and cannot wait to wear it!
     I got these two lace tops on clearance guys, can you believe??  Seven dollars each and I think they compliment himekaji very well, don't you? 
     I'm still crying over this purchase, y'all.  I scored a d.i.a top (plus arm warmers) and a tsuyome style dress!  I've seen this sweater top on so many gals I've wanted one for a long time now.
(d.i.a top in white colorway)

     I'm never sure what to call the things that are "d.i.a.-like".  Is tsuyome outdated? Idk (^^ゞ .  Regardless, I am in love with this dress!  I can't wait for it go get cooler for me to wear this out.  At the moment it is way too hot and humid for sleeves.  I was so excited when I opened the package that I ran to try this on!
     The back details are to die for and I feel like the fiercest version of myself wearing this dress.
     There's more fierceness to be had with this sexy skirt set!  Does it look familiar?
(d.i.a set in white colorway)

     I remember the first time I saw Yumachi rocking this d.i.a skirt set; I fell in LOVE!  Never would have thought years later I'd own it!  However~ it's going to take some tweaking for me to wear this.  Even though it has safety shorts made into the skirt, I carry most of my weight in my hips / bum so, the skirt is rather cheeky on me.  (;^◇^;)ゝ

     If you have any ideas on how I can add length to this skirt, please share them with me!  It's my dream to wear this outfit and my butt won't let me. (lol)
     There is some sweetness in the middle of all the sexy.  I got this Liz Lisa dress on depop!  It's super soft and cute~  Once again, I'm waiting for that cooler weather to come through before wearing this.
     Some random pieces I bought, both from forever 21!  The dress is a bodycon style dress so it looks a bit wonky lying on my bed lol.  I had to snatch the top up before they were all gone.  I've wanted once since last winter.  I love all of my new "babies"~
     Any new additions to your closet?  Or are there items that have been on your wishlist and will be yours very soon?  Let me know in the comments!  I love finding new things to add to my wishlist~

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